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Chaos Sorceress
VIC9  Tomb Raider
2005 Xmas ltd edition




Vampire, the Black Rose

30mm scale by Freebooter Miniatures


This is one of those amazing figures that everyone interprets a different way.  It is a real testament to the unique style of the sculpt that brings out peoples' creativity.  I've never seen her painted the same way twice.

I was asked to paint her based on a very pale blue seductress in a Brom painting.  With the white skin and blue dress being see-through, it proved quite a challenge. The skin has a greenish base with a slight tinge of pale flesh on the highlights.  The dress being a blue-gray and shoes were kept in the cool side with a washed out black purple. 

A signature Klocke sculpt with the anime style face and all those oodles of little details everywhere from the spiders and the webs, to the filigree on her collar.

Painted Fall 2005

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