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February 9, 2007 - Another update! and less than a month since the previous .  Woohoo!  This may be an exciting new trend.

Major Kali - a fun sci fi figure from whichever company happens to be  manufacturing the Void models this week.
Gil-Galad - Silver winner in Games Workshop's 2006 Canadian Golden Demons Lord of the Rings single miniature category.
Freebooter 2005 Limited Edition Christmas mini - just in time for...ermmm.. the end of the holidays. :p
2004 Limited Edition Elmore Amazon - the first Darksword miniature to be posted on my site!
Succubus - a  naughty little lady from Reaper fondling her assets.  Warning, *naughty bits!! not for the easily offendable or kids!*  Might be up for sale at a later date
Arianna Fairy Princess - Wingless and done in a winter theme.  Also available on the for sale page.
Frost Giant - he isn't blue but still lives in the snow.  An old lead from Ral Partha.

No Hasslefree models got finished this month, sorry.  But I do have another picture of the one in my currents projects page.  She's very exposed so be warned there are *naughty bits!! not for the offendable or kids!*

Raistlin Majere is also up in the for sale page.  When the mood hits me he'll be up later on ebay.

Thinking about selling:
My display cabinets are bursting and so I am mulling about selling some figures.  My Hasslefree and Ral Partha collections of scantily clad ladies is out of control. Most are nude or semi-nude so I can't list them appropriately on eBay.  If there are figures you might be interested in, please drop me an offer through the email link on the for sale page.

January 23, 2007 - Winter is really here, holidays are over, the flu has flown through and it's time to get back to work clearing off my desk.

Eredain - a young wizard from Reaper miniatures.
Isabelle - a lovely sea elf nymph from Hasslefree
Wood Elf Spellsinger - will the parade of GW's wood elves ever end?
Centigor - another addition to the hordes of chaos
Raistlin Majere - A redo of an old model and much better too.  Watch for this fellow in the next month on either the for sale page or ebay.

A quick peek in the current projects page has two models gone and one I hope to finish very very soon.

Next site update will have some models from Freebooter, Hasslefree, GW, Reaper  and Partha.  To top it off I'll throw in a GD winner too!

November 6, 2006 - Could ten models be the biggest update ever?  Yeah, maybe...  Some of these are competition quality, a majority have slapped together quickly for the games table, and some have been lurking on my desk for years.

Half-Orc Archer - a conversion of a Rackham Griffin Executioner
Water Nymph  - a lovely lady from Reaper
Keltois Barbarian Warrior - finally finished after 4 years on my current projects page!
Wood Elf Spellsinger on Unicorn - a GD winner from Toronto 2006
Wood Elf Spellsinger- another version of this fellow for an army project
Kay Finn White Axe  - A bit of Celtos dwarf for my gaming table
Circle Orboros Warlock Krueger - with the new P3 paints by Privateer Press
Martial Artist Oko  - an oldie of mine by Hasslefree
Lillith Lithefoot Falconeer - skinny babe and a huge falcon from Ral Partha, another 3 year old relic from the Current Projects page
Silver and Steel II traveller - possibly the last Silver and Steel mini for me?

Three of the girls are destined for ebay.  A significant event since I haven't posted an auction in almost a year!  So go ahead and have a peek at the auction for the Water Nymph.  Auction ends November 10th.

 The current projects page has also been updated completely.  I have left the pics of the Keltois and Lillith there, just for fun for only this update, even though they've been lurking there for years. There is a new quick pic of part of my unfinished heap and a new updated photo of my workdesk.

The update madness continues!!
 I have also added a short Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs page!  It's short and sweet, and nowhere near done. But it had to be made, one can only answer the same questions so many times. 

September 05, 2006 - I'm about to step out to the other side of the globe for a few weeks. So before that, I'll give out a quick update of some minis that were last year's news.  :p

A further continuation of the Khador army by Privateer Press:
Khador Destroyer
Butcher Khardov

from the Celtos figure line:
Gael female with Greatsword - A fun repeat of a great figure.
Irdril - Sidhe Elf archer

From Reaper a couple of lovely ladies:
Scribe -  slightly converted into a cleric scribe of Pelor.
Nereid - warning, *naughty bits!! not for the offendable or kids!*

August 08, 2006 - As promised I have posted one of my three GD winners from Toronto this  past Spring.  The Games Day event was much better organized than 2004.  The real highlight was a visit from three members of the "French Team".   They naturally cleaned up the trophies and the Sword, humbling everyone there.  Congrats to a great bunch of guys and also to the "Montreal Team" that was taught by them, who did incredibly well too. :)

From Games Workshop we have:
Ultramarine Terminator Librarian - won silver Golden Demon in 40k single
Dwarf Lord
Emperor's Champion
Wood Elf Spellsinger - one of many to come....

From Hasslefree:
Fantasy Football Danni
The harem girl Almira - *warning* some naughty bits
Concubine - *warning* more naughty bits not for the offendable or kids!

From Freebooter:
Black Rose the Vampire

June 15, 2006 - Hah!
It hasn't been three months yet.  ;)
But it would have been longer if my spouse hadn't nagged me into taking some time and updating the site (yes, thank you dear).
Now that the North American Golden Demons are over for me, I can try to catch up. :)  And yes,  there are still projects from January on my desk that WILL GET FINISHED this month.   I've stripped a number of those projects a few times and it's flippin time to finish them and get them out of my sight! [rant over]
ahem *coughs*
So uhh...
 A quick random update of a few oldies that I dug out of my photo album.

Liralith Redux - urban warrior babe from Hasslefree
Power Armoured Libby - female sci-fi soldier from Hasslefree
Mary, mother of the dragon - 54mm fantasy nude from Hasslefree
Slaver - from Ral Partha
Smoke Elemental - painted as a sand elemental (oops!) from Ral Partha
Fire Familiar - from Rackham

Is there more, you ask?  I have oodles of stuff for my games table that might someday see the camera.  Also there are some of my Canadian GD entries.  Actually... I can guarantee that my next update after this  will have a few of those entries.


March 24, 2006 - Okay  it's been awhiles...

Haven't done too too much work lately.  My baby daughter is now crawling and exploring, getting herself into all sorts of adventures.  So while I'm watching her like a hawk, painting time has been short and precious.

I managed to sneak off to the Atlanta U.S. Gamesday this month for the Golden Demons. A few minis picked up some trophies.  I was also given the honor of judging the staff competition along with three time slayer sword winner Jeff "Wood Elf" Wilson.. Congratulations to all the winners.  It was a great event and the gathering of Coolminiornot personalities after the event was the absolute highlight.  Thanks much to the locals who treated us to the meaning of "Southern Hospitality".

First off, we have a slight conversion of the new Space Marine Terminator Chaplain.  Received Gold in Warhammer 40k single.

From the Lord of the Rings we have the lovely Goldberry.  Received Silver in LOTR single.

The forces of Chaos must have their say too;  A Slaanesh Standard Bearer Champion  got a Silver in Warhammer Fantasy single for him?herself?. You decide which.  ;)

There are many more updates pending too.  I have a TON of stuff to photograph from Hasslefree, Celtos, Reaper, Freebooter and (still) GW.
More later... And it won't be 3 months this time either. :p

On a sad note, an industry legend passed away recently.
Dennis Mize 1956- 2006

  Dennis was one of the pioneer fantasy sculptors to work for Ral Partha in the 1970's.  Along with Tom Meier he helped shape the way fantasy miniatures would look for over the next twenty years.
  You can find many models on this site that were sculpted by Dennis, old and new.  He was my favorite sculptor for a long loooong time.

A tribute to Dennis can be found on the Darksword miniatures site.  My heart goes out to his friends and family.  :(

January 10, 2006 - Hope everyone had a happy holiday season.
I'm back and getting caught up on the mountain of work I have yet to do.
This update has been on the books since November and now that the whole Santa hoopla is over, there are no more excuses.
 *ahem* So anyways...
Malus Darkblade on foot
Female High Elf Mage
Eltharion, High Elf Hero
Tom Bombadil
Two Slaves from the Dark Eldar Abduriel Vect's ship.
Wood Elf Spellsinger
Wood Elf Eternal Guard Commander

October 16, 2005 - Batch of Reaper goodness this time around. We have:
Alaine, Female Paladin
Halfling Ranger
Fog Wraith
Female Wraith
Blood Imp
A pair of Hellhounds
Marda, Female Barbarian

Also on ebay this time around is a rather newish GW female High Elf Mage.  Auction ends in only three days!

  And for those who want a peek at some really early stuff of mine or a decent cheap Eldar squad, there is a unit of OOP Eldar Dire Avengers for Warhammer 40Kon Ebay.  And to top it off is a pair of much better painted Tau Warriors too.

Bid and help us clean out our basement! ;)

October 08, 2005 - Before the long weekend hits here and takes me out of town, I'll point you to an auction I have running on eBay for a nice female paladin from Reaper.

September 23, 2005 - I'll start this update with a confession.
  As a kid I grew up with a couple of model train fanatics in our family.  So this eventually lead me to building models, dioramas, etc and of course, the love of steam engines was rubbed off on me.  Even my current 2005 wall calendar is of steam locomotives. :p

  Now imagine a game in a fantasy setting coupled with the steam-powered era.  Massive, sexy steam engines that walk on two legs and wield huge magical weapons and lead-belching cannons.  What do we call that? 
 It's called "Warmachine" from Privateer Press. And I got the loving for the Khador Faction.
  So....  Four competition winners are up today!

Sorscha the Khador warcaster - second place in guntoters for the Chick Challenge.

And the three figures from my entry for unit this year at GenCon Indy 2005.  Received prizes for First Place Unit Category and Best Warmachine Battle Group from Privateer Press.

Khador Juggernaut
Khador Kodiak
Vladimir the Dark Prince, Khador warcaster

September 10, 2005 - Okay!  The results are in for the Frothers sculpting competition.  Check out the results from the banner at the bottom of the page.

A huge Hasslefree miniatures update today.  Except for one stray unphotographed mini, this is the absolute update.  All the HF minis are now up to date.  So here's another nine from the vaults:

Akanke, Nubian Harem Guard
Ana, Female Grymn Close Combat Specialist
Anghela  version 2 of the Dwarven Princess
Druuschan Drone1 a new breed of cyber-zombie
Druuschan Drone 2
Kalee Female Fantasy Football Player
Harem Slave Girl
Sven, spacesuit Grymn
Village Idiot - If you have to see only one mini, you got to see this one.

The For Sale page is empty right now, but we do have a heap of stuff in our new eBay store!  My basement is overflowing with miniatures I will never paint and we need more space!  So this is your chance to get some good deals on everything from previous loved to brand new figures from a variety of manufacturers.  Check it out!

 September 05, 2005 - Oops!  I guess I ought to announce I have an auction up on eBay ending this Friday.  It's my third place winner in the cheesecake category from this spring's Chick Challenge, the vampire seductress, Jahenna.
I will post an honest-to-goodness real update with new minis soon too!

July 14, 2005 - A new banner is visible at the bottom of this column. What's the deal here?  You've seen most of my Chick Challenge entries from the last two years.  Well this time around the Annual Female Miniature Painting Challenge is precluded by a sculpting competition held by the blokes at Frothers Unite UK!.  The theme is female miniatures that a woman would buy.
  It's a chance for budding sculptors and the old masters to prove their worth to a panel of four female judges who will be looking for that special mini that they think is worthy of their money.
  This competition is shaping up to be quite an exciting event.  So click on the link to get more details!

July 6, 2005 - An update ages in the making !  Yet more Hasslefree stuff, including yet another one of my Chick Challenge entries from this spring.  We have:

Eve, archaeologist - aforementioned entry. ;)
Jo - A slender female barbarian
My Hero - a barbarian enjoys his reward with the damsel in distress.
Imogen - What? Again?  No, this is a new sculpt with no wings and new facial features.  Check out her funky lighting scheme too.

June 30, 2005 - Just a really quick update until my newborn allows me more time. :)  An Imperial Guard female Commissar is up in the GW 40k Gallery.  She managed to win in third place in the Science Fiction Category in the 2005 Fifth Annual Female Miniature Painting Challenge.

And guess what!?  She is also on eBay right now!

May 27, 2005 - A few oddball figures have been posted in the Others galleries.
A tiny gnome and goblin diorama, from sculptor Gene Van Horne.
Another goblin, by sculptor Werner Klocke.

The Freebooter miniatures have their own gallery now along with two new entries:
The rather large and naughty demoness.  Don't look if you're under 18 or offended by fleshy bits!
A photo of an almost completed pirate girl.  She did get finished, but only after the photo was taken. :/

And finally, my favorite newly released Games Workshop mini in a looong time.  The elegant new male Male High Elf Mage.  This miniature is also now for auction up on eBay.  Have a look at some more detailed pictures of this great new figure... Or better yet, bid!

May 17, 2005 - Another Chick Challenge figure is up!  It's my third place winner in the cheesecake category.  From Reaper miniatures we have the vampire seductress, Jahenna.

Jahenna is also now up on the For Sale page!

I have been super busy for awhiles and may be getting busier.  This is due to my newest little mini.  Say hello to baby Aurora, my daughter that was born just last week.

April 14, 2005 - Some more Games Workshop is up this week. From waaaaay back last summer we have the Bronze Canadian Golden Demon winning conversion of Lelith Hesperax as a Dark Eldar Sybarite Scourge.

And from last year as well, I have gotten around to posting an elegantly simple version of Mordheim's Elf hero, Aenur, sword of twilight.

Aenur will also be going up for auction on eBay this weekend!  This a great opportunity to get your hands on a nice version of this figure for the games table.    I had a grand total of two painted miniature auctions last year, so this is definitely a significant event. :p

April 08, 2005 - Both the contest figures of Mira and the winning Nyss Sorceress are now up on the For Sale page!

April 07, 2005 - A trio of ladies and one little 15mm knight are my newest additions to the Others gallery.  There is a  new mini from Adiken,  Shania.  A 15mm Imperial Knight for the game Demonworld.  He's tiny but oh so cool.
  More importantly, we have two of my entries from the recent Fifth Annual Female Miniature Painting Challenge.

 Mira the Reckless of the Griffins- by Rackham  for Confrontation.  A non winning entry into the Armory category.
 Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress - by Privateer Press for Iron Kingdoms. Received first place in the Club Challenge Category.

Both the contest figures of Mira and the winning Nyss Sorceress will be up on my For Sale page very soon!  Stayed tuned. :)

March 19, 2005 - The hordes of Chaos are impeding on my gallery again!
Three out of print figures to start with in the Warhammer Fantasy gallery:
A tiny sneaky Tzeentch Familiar, a Chaos warrior with a scorpion emblem shield and a vintage khorne warrior.

Also a very special mini from the Chick Challenge 4, waaaay back.  She is in the Warhammer 40k gallery.  This is a very naughty conversion for the gaming table.  It's a really cool mounted Slaanesh Daemonette.

The mounted daemonette is also For Sale!

Aaand also on the For Sale page are two less naughty but very naked female miniatures.  These are some wonderful sculpts from Hasslefree.

Poledancer - The classic pose of an exotic dancer wrapped around a pole.
Acrobat - A very naked young lady standing on her hands.

February 06, 2005 - Another HUGE update from me. This time it is a mere fourteen pictures added to one manufacturer gallery.  Take a peek at all the new and old additions to the Reaper gallery!

Clay the Monk - my conversion of the awesome new clay golem.
Jade Dancing Girl - a fantastic sexy miniature.
Jade (old version) - the earlier, now discontinued release of Jade.
2 Fairies and Nymph - three ladies you may have seen at Gencon Indy.
Fenris the Pale - discontinued barbarian vampire. An early NMM work.
Cloaker Monster - simple and outright nasty monster for gaming.
Earth Elemental - a greater elemental for my gaming table.
Golems - clay and stone constructs for the home gaming table.
Wolves - three widely different sized creatures for my gaming table.

I promise my next updates won't be this huge.  I am catching up on these updates and the many, many photographs to be taken.  Of course there's getting caught up on the actual painting aspect as well.  Maybe next time we'll do GW, or iKore, or  Ral Partha, or ...     Okay, less than a dozen next time, really!

January 21, 2005 -   I'm baaaack!
Remember I was feeling kind of sick back in October?  Turns out, I went into the hospital a few days after the last update.  With no internet there or much of anything, I was kinda stuck.  It was well over a month before I was even allowed to get some paints in.  I got a lot of embroidery and reading done in the meantime though. :p
Anyhow, to make a really long, complicated story short.  A whole bunch of health problems had been creeping up on me around then and all kind of jumped on me at once. I'm mostly better now, so 'Nuff said.

So now I have this HUGE backlog of minis to post to the site.  How about we start off with maybe just one manufacturer today?  One manufacturer, but with ten entries to the gallery!

For Hasslefree miniatures I have partially reorganized the gallery.  Some are naughty and some are sweet.  Oddly enough, only a couple have weapons.
So for starters we have (in no particular order):

Old Man - An old geezer with a bad back and cane.
Old Lady - A lady with a basket of oatmeal cookies? Or maybe just an old sweetheart for the old man.
Aylton, Grymn - it's been far too long a wait for another tiny space dwarf.
Sebastian - The one and only Grey Knight.  Painted in metallics.
Anghela - Dwarven princess.  Gosh, I just LOVE her name. ;)
Bar Wench - Beer, wine and a lovely lady to serve it.
Strumpet - A very saucy senorita to tempt any adventurer.
Sumo Wrestler - 400lbs of well-disciplined flab, muscle and fury.
Poledancer - The classic pose of an exotic dancer wrapped around a pole.
Acrobat - A very naked young lady standing on her hands.

October 07, 2004 - A quick update with some work from summer.  I've been sick the last week and a half so there was no painting happening. But will be getting back to the grindstone very soon.

My Gencon single miniature entry.  It's a sorceress from Spyglass.

And an I-kore Gael Barbarian done in the look of Conan.

September 30, 2004 - Got another Freebooter model for the gallery.  It is a very Tomb Raider-like Archaeologist for the Steampunk genre.  The photo isn't the greatest.  But the sculpt on this model might be Werner Klocke's best.

And I'm working my way through the last few of the vintage Games Workshop Chaos warriors I have around.  Brace yourself. This skull-faced dude is one of the nastiest fellows you may ever meet.

September 23, 2004
Auction!   Auction!!   Auction!!!

 Times are tight for money, so I've broken down and posted one of my favorite figures up for sale.    I don't often do Ebay auctions anymore, so this is a rare opportunity to get your mitts on something from my own collection.

It's a Drow priestess of Lolth from the long out of print and absurdly valuable Forgotten Realms Drow Elves of  Menzoberranzan  boxed set  #10-551 by Ral Partha.

Happy Bidding!

September 22, 2004 - A quick update that is a wee bit overdue.

From Hasslefree miniatures by Kev White.  A rather handsome Dwarf Tavern Patron,  with beer mug in hand.

And another one of those unusual Adiken models.  It's a scantily clad Amazon, Qanghee

September 11, 2004 - Today I have a couple of oldies completed waaay back in spring of this year.

First off there is a vintage Ral Partha figure. A Drow elf priestess of Lolth from the official licensed TSR Menzoberranzan Forgotten Realms boxed set.

And another evil lady in the form of a summoning Chaos sorceress from Werner Klocke's  Freebooter miniatures.

September 04, 2004 - More Games Workshop goodness!  It's another GD winner from Toronto.

Radagast the Brown wizard, 2nd place in Lord of the Rings single miniature.  Not my best and not the way I wanted him to turn out. Will have to do better next time.  Hopefully it won't ruin his playability in our games.

And an interesting mini of a female archer from a new Canadian miniature company, Adiken.

September 01, 2004 - Back home from the overpopulated east!  How I missed my barbaric homeland, here in the uncivilized portion of Western Canada.  The pure shock of  three Starbucks coffee vendors on one block of a street in the United States has not quite worn off.  The financial debt may continue for years though. *sigh*

   I managed to take home three Golden Demons in Toronto, from out of  four entries.  The fourth non-winner, done in some wild metallics, did not  even make the cut.  Though Michael Perry rather liked it enough to put it in at first ( it has been blessed!).  It will get some more work and maybe have a better chance next time.

   And the competition was incredible!  The sword winner was far, faaar above the rest and is worth a peek on the GamesWorkshop website Canadian GD coverage.  Congratulations to all the contestants on a great competition!  Now if only GW could buy a better camera... ;P

  Anyhow, here are two figures.  Both are smaller scale..  With the emphasis on the "mini" in miniature painting.

  Vintage Chaos Daemonette Familiar, winner GD 2nd place open.  Entered as a fun poke at GW's dislike for naughty models. Boy, did they prove me wrong!
 I never expected her to win anything but a sneer from the judges. As to be expected, her winning has raised a dreadful furor in the online community.  We can see the torches and pitchforks in the distance already.

 So take note, next year I might enter another one of my collection of out of print, tiny familiars.  Ooo... Or maybe a few 10mm Warmaster entries.
Just to keep the angry mobs complaining.

And one more tiny figure.  It's yet another vintage Chaos Familiar.

Enough babbling now.  I'll go on about the GenCon portion of my trip at a later date.

August 13, 2004 - Friday the 13th..  Are you superstitious? Naaaahh not me.

 A quick cute little girl from Hasslefree. A martial artist this time. It's Nishiko.  Not my absolute best, but I like her. :)

I am out of town for the next two weeks on a trip to the exotic far east (of North America ;).  I may be out of touch for awhiles.  So have fun and keep painting!

August 06, 2004 - Another classic from my treasure trove of old models.
It's an Elf strolling amongst the flowers from the Larry Elmore Silver and Steel set manufactured by Ral Partha. 

July 23, 2004 - Been awhile, eh?

I got a ton of stuff, but most of it is for upcoming events.  So I can't show anyone until those are done with.  *sigh*

Soo it's not much...but...Yet another vintage chaos dude from GW.  He's goofy, weird and got a big icky bug with him.

June 28, 2004 - I have finally gotten some better photos of the final version of my Golden Demon winning Orc Warlord on Wyvern, Azhag the slaughterer by Games Workshop.  Not as many mistakes on the model this photo shoot, since he got paint touchups just before Games Day Los Angeles.

A really wicked figure of Dragonlance's Raistlin Majere.  Another official TSR licensed character model from Ral Partha.  He is one is based on the original Larry Elmore cover art for the novel Dragons of Spring Dawning.

A Hasslefree figure is up too.  A kickboxer martial artist.  His name is supposed to be Takawara, but I'm calling my version Cassius. ;)

June 21, 2004 - Some more chaos is leaking it's foulness into the Games Workshop section again.  This time it's a vintage Beastman in the shape of a wild boar.

A cool Hasslefree figure is also up.  This time it is the Daemonette Imogen.

And another version of Laurana.  Sure she has a falcon as well, but she also has a map and is supposed to be an explorer.

Yeah, I know it is all old stuff.  But I got to update with something.  I'll try to mix some old and new from now on.  Just to keep myself in a continuous state of blissful confusion. :p

May 29, 2004 - The last of a set of six of the Seven Sisters, from TSR's Forgotten Realms campaign setting is up in the Ral Partha gallery.  So go ahead and check out the official model for Mrs. Dove Falconhand.

   Also a mini from waaaaay back in October (I think).  A conversion of Reaper's beautiful Laurana the Sorceress.  Some nice photos of the completed vignette have been posted there too.
 I know she has been slow in coming, but I tend to get lazy if it is stuff I own personally.  :p

   And in case you are wondering... Reapercon was a great time.  It took a number of days to recover from a whirlwind weekend of non-stop classes, flights and Texan food  (the potatoes down there are awful! ;).
   I had sculpting classes with Sandra Garrity, Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie,  and finally Jason Wiebe paired with the hilarious Bobby Jackson.  Painting Goddess Jennifer Haley also gave me a helping hand with my figures.
  I met a heap of people there and got to hang out with the best in the industry.  Many sincere thanks to the fine folks at Reaper Miniatures for doing this great event.

May 14, 2004 - Off onto a plane to ReaperCon in Dallas, Texas USA  this weekend.  Going to take some classes and find out about the mini making business.  Hopefully I don't come back with a southern drawl.  ;)   I'll be the tall pale Canuck who says "Eh?" at the end of every sentence.  And uh...  See ya there, eh?

Anyhoooo,  Minis!
There is a shiny new Liberty in armor.  Check out this gorgeous full-figured warrioress from Hasslefree.

Also finally got some photos of Elrond.   He managed to pick up a first place Golden Demon for Lord of the Rings Single Miniature, at the 2004 Los Angeles Games Day.  The photos are not the best since my camera hates anything 25mm and under.  Damned thing just knows it is photographing a smaller scale than the usual 28mm.  Grrr.

May 09, 2004 - It seems the transfer problems got worked out.  Yay! I think...

If anybody noticed, the tips 'n tricks section was updated quietly last week with a copy of a brief article.

May 07, 2004 - Okay.  There may be some weird or broken pages on the site.  Last year we downgraded the HTML editor from FrontPage 2000 to FP 98.  It took me weeks to get it sorted out.  Now things may be somewhat chaotic, because the editor is FP 2003. Aaaaand we won't be lending (giving) away our only copy of it either, this time.

Sloooooowly I am getting caught up with work. Whoopie!

Another vintage Warhammer Chaos Warrior from Games Workshop is up.

A simple, gaming version of the Lord of the Ring's character, Elrond is up. 

Okay.  I admit to not having the time to photograph the final version of my Golden Demon winners.  Soon, soon.  Too busy with that paying stuff.  ;)

April 29, 2004 - Returned from being out of the country for awhiles.   And I'm so far behind, I think I'm going backwards!

I'm busy trying to catch up on work right now.  But a quick mention, that I went to my first ever Games Day in Los Angeles, California on the 24th.  I participated in many of the cool events they had running and also managed to carry home a Gold and a Bronze Demon.  More on that and other competitions a wee bit later.

So two quick minis today.

Kjaran, a male Grymn from Hasslefree.

And a mini that's been lurking around my desk for 4 years.. A Smilodon (that's a sabretoothed cat in everyday-speak) from Reaper.

Guess that I-kore is back in business again too. Hopefully for a awhile  longer this time. :p So some new links in my links page too.

April 07, 2004A heap of new minis today.  Check out the two figure from Games Workshop,  a Black Orc Warboss, and a really ugly vintage Beastman with a vampire's head trophy.

Also a new version of Inga by Hasslefree.

March 24, 2004 - A whole new section for a new manufacturer is up today.   And not just with one or two miniatures.  Four new figures are in the brand new Hasslefree gallery. There is Inga, Svala, Tiriel, and a very naughty daemonette called Victoria. Warning :Victoria shows bondage and lots of dangly bits, age 18 or over only please. :)

March 18, 2004 - A new one of the seven sisters from the Forgotten Realms is up.  It's Ral Partha's Midnight painted as Alustriel, high lady of Silverymoon..

Not much else.  I'm busy doing non-mini projects for that Real Life thing.

If you are in  and about Calgary, Alberta this Saturday March 20, 2004.  Drop by the Sentry Box for a minute and check out the Alberta Miniatures Painter's meeting.  We will be hanging out, showing off and chatting about minis all day.  Terry Adams of Electric Ocean is even flying for this event aaaaalll the way from beautiful California (yes he must be insane).  Don't miss it!

Man, that is  a lot of external links for one lousy update. :p

March 12, 2004 - There are two of a trio of Dwarf Pirates up in the Games Workshop Gallery.  It's a couple of Long Drong's Slayer Pirates for Warhammer Fantasy.

Aaaaarrr..   Where is me rum now, that I've been rid these scurvy dawgs? Aaarrr... ;)

March 08, 2004 - When it was mentioned some time ago that I was behind,  I was not kidding.  The miniature for viewing consumption today was painted waaaaay back in November.  It's my very colorful Crystal Falcon from Ral Partha's Crucible line.  I'm very proud and  fond of him.

More to come  when I can find the time.  There are lots of minis waiting to be posted and photographed.  The current painting projects and taking care of my sick kids have been a bit of a priority lately.

Oh yeah... There is also a new link in the miniature manufacturers section in my links page.  I gave the newly defunct I-Kore the boot, and put in a banner for Hasslefree miniatures.  If you liked the ladies and overall feel of the I-kore stuff,   you will LOVE this.  It's the website of the extremely talented sculptor Kev White. Enjoy!

February 17, 2004 - I know it is a bit late for Valentines Day.   But today in the Ral Partha gallery we have a Goddess of Love.  She was done with the intention of making a translucency tutorial out of it.   But the photos, which were taken with my old camera, didn't turn out at all! Grrrr.  So you only get to see her completed.

As for the intended translucency article? *sigh* Maybe some other time...

February 11, 2004 -   Continuing the theme this month... Tara the silent and her pet mountain lion have snuck into the Reaper gallery today.  I am very happy with the way this one turned out.  I had free reign on her, so she is a bit different than usual.

February 02, 2004 - Another one of the silver-haired Seven Sisters of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting is in the gallery today.  It is Qilue, a good-aligned Drow priestess.  This is kind of a cool collectible, because it is the actual licensed model for TSR, made by Ral Partha.

And February is the month of Loooooove!   So instead of some chocolate  sweets or  lacy lingerie in the month of St Valentine... It's translucency month!  Lots of ladies with see-through dresses and such.  Aaah... I know it is cheesy.  But it's all in fun.  ;p

January 27, 2004 - It is another freezing cold day across North America out there.  So to warm all you cold fellows up,  there is a Reaper miniatures female giant, clad a nice ermine-trimmed bikini.   ;)      She is up for sale too.

And have a nice last look at my Warmaster Undead army this week.  Since I am running out of space,  it's GONE next week.    Bye-bye little skellies *sniffle*

January 21, 2004 - One of the last of a batch of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy vintage Chaos figures.  I may have saved my favorite for last.  It's a Tzeentch Champion with a freakin HUGE pink horror hand.  He is just sooo darn funky.  :)

January 14, 2004 - Another silver haired lady today.  This time it's the Reaper model, Alaine female paladin,  painted as a ranger/bard character from Forgotten Realms.

And for those of you who are into the superstitious...  Last night I was cleaning up a female vampire.  And she drew blood!  It may have been the hobby knife that buried itself in my finger, or was it....???

Never, ever cut towards yourself.  :p  Lesson learned, for now.

January 09, 2004 - I have got a super psychedelic-looking Games Workshop Vintage Chaos Sorcerer in the gallery today.

January 03, 2004 - It's a cold and snowy January day outside.   At -31 Celsius with a nice blustery wind, it makes for a good day of inside stuff.   Like posting minis!

From Reaper, we have Josephine Lucera.  A Reaper Painting Contest winner from waaay back in November.  Sorry I had to keep her a secret until now.

From Ral Partha, a Silver and Steel Archeress from the Larry Elmore Collectors series.   I finished painting her a while back, but only just now managed to string her bow.

December 29, 2003 - Well I hope Santa was nice to everyone else out there.  He was kind enough to give me a horrid flu during the holidays, which is still going. So I spent most of the 24-25th in bed.  Damn that fat guy...

I have since gotten up enough energy to post Alahel the Messenger.  A hero for the Lions of Alahan army, from Rackham's Confrontation line.

Have a safe and happy New Year.   See you in 2004!

December 22, 2003 - Lelith Hesperax, a Dark Eldar heroine for Warhammer 40k is the gallery today.  A truly gorgeous sculpt from Games Workshop.

December 17, 2003 - Nothing much today.  Just a cute little Chaos Bird-Thing Familiar from Games Workshop in the Gallery.

I actually have a backlog of stuff to post here.  There is a bunch of minis waiting to be photographed.   Hopefully I can get them up before Christmas.   Just have to find the time.

Until then... Enjoy the holiday season.  And be aware that Santa is always watching.

December 05, 2003 - I have got a cool piece of nostalgia in my Ral Partha gallery.  It's Tanis Half Elven from TSR's Dragonlance fantasy setting.  And he is up for auction on eBay right now.  So you get a chance to see more views for a limited time.

Also up for auction on eBay right now for the next week.... The very rare and dynamic Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons Black Dragon. I did this mini some years ago and now am finally getting around to doing another.   Check it out to see some big pictures of this gorgeous model.

These will be the last auctions until January 2004.  I'm posting them before Canada Post raises their shipping rates (again!) in January. Grrr.

One last note:  The fourth annual Chick Challenge is up and ready for voting until next week. And yes I have entries in it.   ;)

Cast your vote for the best miniatures in this much awaited annual event.  It is a little primitive, but try to support democracy by voting!

November 30, 2003A new paint on an old Silver & Steel 3 Angry Girl from the Larry Elmore Collectors series by Ral Partha is up in the gallery.  She is up for auction on eBay right now.

November 25, 2003 -   The typo....   Apparently Harbinger 3 accused me of having a late night painting session with a Griffon Inquisitor.

I totally deny any rendevous with any Griffons or Inquisitors, for that matter. The Silver and Steel girls can support my alibi. Tanis Half Elven may stand by me too.

However, it was noted that Colin Wiseman may have been sighted in the vicinity of the Inquisitor in the showcase section of Harbinger 3. It is believed that he may be responsible for that fine piece of work.  :)

(See above, for some upcoming auction hints too.)

November 16, 2003 - Yuck.  I am suffering from painter's block.  Not so good when I have to do my Chick Challenge entry, or commissions.  :(

Well...  I promise to get back to the grindstone right after posting the Thief or Tomb Raider.   It was done up for the ninth Visions in Color showcase.  Enjoy.

November 11, 2003 -   Yet again, there have been a further incursions from the hordes of Chaos!   Hmmm... Might have to make a Chaos section soon.

  Another vintage Games Workshop miniature; the Hound-headed Champion of Khorne is in the gallery tonight.

  And a newly released and vicious-looking Chaos Beastman Warlord from GW, is in the gallery today.

November 04, 2003 - I have finally posted some very large photos of Sophie the Succubus.   She is a gorgeous limited edition model from Reaper Miniatures.   She also managed to make a very small appearance in Harbinger Magazine.

  The Games Workshop website has posted a report on the Calgary Grand Tournament.  Check out the big picture of our Badruck on the front page!

And obviously the title page image has been replaced again.  Say "Goodbye" to that handsome hunk Eomer, and a big "Hello" to Sophie!

October 24, 2003 -  I have finally gotten around to putting up two of my models that have appeared in Harbinger magazine.

First off, we have Arianrod  by I-Kore.  She was completed some months back and was one of my last minis with chrome.

Also a new twist on another Blademaiden.   I guess she appeared in issue 2 of Harbinger, when she was meant for issue 3!   Ah well..  I have something else for that one now.

There is another model of mine that is in Harbinger this month too.   But I'm going to make you wait.  Too much candy at once can make you dizzy.   :D

You can see and vote for my two miniatures here, at the Harbinger magazine website.

And this weekend I'll be hanging out (but not playing) once in a while at the Games Workshop Calgary Grand Tournament.  My spouse is there with his Orc army for fantasy.  To anyone that's going... Best of Luck. See you there!

October 19, 2003 -  New this week is another new paint on an old miniature.  It is a Games Workshop Vintage Chaos Beastman.

October 09, 2003 - Up on eBay right now, the Sorceress, Slave Girl and Satyr.

It's time to clear out the display cabinets for auctions!  Some more vintage figures with spiffy new paintjobs, are up for grabs on eBay starting this coming weekend!  So, as a consequence we have new in the miniature gallery today:

A Dark Sorceress, from the old Silver & Steel II Larry Elmore Collectors Series.

And a somewhat-covered ;) Slave Girl is also in the Ral Partha Gallery.

Last of all;  There is a doe-eyed Satyr from RP too!

October 01, 2003 - It looks like I've gotten all my wonky webpage html sorted out.  Finally, we are able to see a Necron C'tan  Nightbringer from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40K.

Also fixed a dead link to a scratchbuilt necron building that I posted ages ago.  Only now has it come out of hiding!   hint: It's the last image link on the table. :)

More to come!  But first I've got to finish my Visions in Color vignette.  A Clue: He doesn't have an "official" name from me yet, but I've been calling him the Not-so-brave-tomb-raider. ;)

September 29, 2003 - My newest Silver and Steel girl is up on eBay right now.  Check it out to see some more views for a limited time.

The eBay aboutme page has finally been updated as well.  No more dead auction links! *cheering*.   I have posted four of my absolute favorite models I have done to date.  Maybe not the "best", but the ones I like most.

September 26, 2003 - A new paint on an old Silver & Steel Girl from the Larry Elmore Collectors series by Ral Partha is up in the gallery.  She will be going up on eBay this weekend!

Out with old...I've had to remove some images and even entire sections from the site.  My bandwidth is about full and it is time to make room for new work.

September 08, 2003 - New today, is an Antipaladin from Reaper miniatures.  He's a devout of the scorpion... mean and green. ;)  He also managed to win first place in the Reaper Painting Contest.

Also in the gallery is my first entry for the 2nd Coolminiornot contest.   It's a gorgeous Amazon, sculpted by the talented Steve Buddle.  Vote for my Amazon here.

I have repainted the halberd on my Kelt Spasm Warrior and updated her photo.  I'm much happier with it now.

August 18, 2003 - A very old mini in my Ral Partha gallery.  It's a Djinn made way back in 1979!  Check out this blast from the past.

August 06, 2003 - I've posted my very first Rackham Confrontation miniature.  Check it out.  It's a female Kelt Spasm Warrior.

Pssst! Somewhere in the gallery there is another sneak preview of a mini.  I'm not going to tell you where, but it's due to be published in the new magazine Harbinger, so I can't show you very much until it's released.  See if you can find it, but don't tell anyone!  :)

Last of all:  I've gotten a number of messages lately asking if I will be attending the Canada Games Day this year.  The answer is  NO.  I will not be attending it.

However,  I do plan to be attending one next year in 2004.  I haven't decided where yet.  It may be in any of these places :  North America,  Germany, or U.K..   The next U.S. GenCon is also a distinct possibility.

July 13, 2003  -  B.A. Felton, the gamemaster from Kenzer's Knights of the Dinner Table is in the miniature gallery today.

July 02, 2003   - There is another new sexy Silver and Steel girl in the Ral Partha Gallery.  She 's one of my latest works in chrome.

I also have a 15mm Empire Hero for the German fantasy battle game Demonworld.  He was very quickly painted for the Minimite 3 showcase.

   I will be out of reach for a few days hereafter, but will answer email and other messages upon my return on the 7th.

June 27, 2003   - The final two Lesser Elementals from Reaper have been posted with their cohorts.  This time its water and earth.

I have recently been lucky enough to get a better camera.  So I've been super busy this last week trying to learn how it works.  As a consequence you have the pleasure of seeing an old miniature with a new view.  It's the WOTC Black Dragon.

Pssst! Somewhere in the gallery there is a sneak preview of a mini.  I'm not going to tell you where, but it's due to be published in the new magazine Harbinger, so I can't show you very much until it's released.  See if you can find it, but don't tell anyone!  :)

June 15, 2003   - Another one of those Reaper elementals is up.  This time it's a Lesser Air Elemental.

June 13, 2002   - A sexy Silver and Steel Girl is up in my FOR SALE section. Yup those buggers at eBay cancelled my auction again. Why? Well because my auction consisted of pornographic material  (ie.  Breasts).  Go figure...

June 11, 2003   - Finally the first Reaper miniature in months.  It's one of a set of four lesser elementals, a fire elemental.

Also a sexy little Silver & Steel Adventuress from the out of production Ral Partha Larry Elmore Collectors series.   Please don't look if you're under 18 or a prude. She's rather... umm... topless.  Also keep an eye out here, I will be posting her up for auction on eBay soon!

June 01, 2003   - Valten is up for auction on eBay .

New painted mini!  It's been a long time since I painted a Wizard's of the Coast miniature.  Check out the TSR 25th anniversary Dwarf Fighter.

May 30, 2003  -  Valten Champion of Sigmar is up in the Warhammer Fantasy Section.

May 18, 2003  -I have just put Brian from Kenzer's Knights of the Dinner Table up on eBay .

May 16, 2003  -Whooo!  Big update this time.  Just has been rather insanely busy around here lately.

I have a chromed Dark Elf Witch for Warhammer Fantasy up.  She was quite an ambitious project.

I've been experimenting with pastels on a beautiful Aquatic Elf, new in the Ral Partha Gallery.

There's also a brand new Lizard-man Saurus hiding in my Warhammer Fantasy section.

I posted some cool sci-fi resin terrain pieces from the Figure Trader in the terrain gallery.

Also a brief summary of NMM can be found.  I've had so many questions about how I do it.  Well its about time I wrote something up.  I've also made up an articles section (Tips & tricks), but it's kind of barren right now.

Last of all:  As some may have noticed I'm currently reorganizing the links page.  Sorry, but I've never been happy with it.  And as sites come and go this is a necessary thing. SO,  If you have a current (recently updated) miniature-related site you would like me to put there just email me with the details (of course a reciprocal link to mine would be appreciated too. :)

April 28, 2003 -Ack! what a week!  eBay was kind enough to pull my auctions for some obscure reason, so I had to repost the Blademaiden.  Also I've been drowning in commission work.  So,  while I have about a billion projects on the go, I happen have an update!

 Finally got Eomer back and got some nice new pictures of him.

Another I-Kore babe has been posted.  This time its a Girl with a Golden Gun.

April 17, 2003 - I have finally gotten around to painting another Chronopia Blademaiden.  I'm still working on that chrome technique.

I've also created galleries for I-KoreCoolminiornot, and Excelsior.  My others gallery was just getting too full. :)

April 14, 2003 - Not much of an update today, just  from Dave from Kenzer's Knights of the Dinner Table.  But many new projects are in the works and soon to be completed!

April 04, 2003 - The Gael Champion is up for auction on eBay this weekend along with a tempting Silver & Silver River Nymph. I also have posted some very old Eldar Fire Dragons and their Phoenix Lord for auction.

April 02, 2003 - My second I-Kore mini is up, and its a Celtos Gael Eriu Champion.  To my great surprise, she won the March Golden Toadstool at the Yahoo Masterclass Miniature Painters Group.  This is an awesome group of miniature-artists who vote on each others entries, while exchanging ideas and techniques in a friendly forum.

The Gael Champion will also be going up for auction on eBay this coming weekend along with a selection of other old and new works.  So stay tuned and I'll post a listing of  links here.

Another temporary update of my title page image. This one will stick around longer than a week, promise ;).  It's a preview of my LOTR entry, which I will be posting later when I have better photos of it.

The Coolmini Valkyrie, Grom and my Coolminiornot Entry Vignette all finally have their own spot.

March 27, 2003 -  A quick update of my title page image.  It's temporary and will find its own home soon in my gallery. It's my coolminiornot contest entry!

March 23, 2003- Yet another Silver & Steel Babe has been posted.  I can't seem to get enough of these sexy little ladies from the Ral Partha Larry Elmore Collectors series.

I have also written up an article about how I painted Badruck 'Eadsplitta, my winning entry for February's Golden Toadstool.  Hopefully it will provide some insight into how I work.

March 12, 2003- My first I-Kore mini is up, and its a Celtos Vanir Dwarf Valkyrie.

Also updated my terrain section with some scratchbuilt modular barriers for Wargaming.

A selection of older painted RAFM "Death in the Dark" miniatures have been photographed and can be found in both the Miniature and Terrain galleries.

March 05, 2003- Waaagh!!  Exciting stuff since last update.  My Black Orc Warlord managed to get the February Golden Toadstool at the Yahoo Masterclass Miniature Painters Group.  This is an awesome group of top notch painters who voted on each others entries and exchange ideas and techniques in a friendly forum.

 I will be posting an article on how I painted the Orc in the coming weeks.  So stay tuned!

Another mini up is a sexy little Silver & Steel Thief from the out of production Ral Partha Larry Elmore Collectors series.

Feb 27, 2003- A quick update here- I've posted a preview of my CMON entry, see it here. I hope I can get it done on time.. Only 1 day left!

Feb 25, 2003-  I'm working feverishly to complete my CMON entry for the 28th!  It's a tough go because it's a major conversion and all I got is cruddy white stuff.  So all you get today is some Resin RPG Terrain from Fantasy Forge. Enjoy!

Feb 18, 2003- What a couple of weeks! Relatives staying over the last five days. My youngest son has decided to crawl, sit up and stand recently, so I've been far too busy keeping up with him, forcing me to paint only when he's asleep.  So no character minis this time, but a a huge update nonetheless!

Nothing but Riders of Rohan last week.   They are a good example of what my husband calls a "Slop and Go" job. 

Another new mini posted is a resin missile silo from The Figure Trader

I've been busy with my camera, so the terrain section will be doubling in size over the next little while.

I have also reorganized the navigation by manufacturers, so pages like RPG characters no longer exist.  If there are any errors or dead links to these, please let me know.

Feb 02, 2003- Well  I should be painting my husband's Riders of Rohan but I have all these gorgeous old minis staring at me.  So I have a few vintage, but newly painted pieces up!  Now back to those nasty new plastics. *sigh*

The twin sister of the gnome rogue I posted last week is now  in the gallery.

A River Nymph seductress from Larry Elmore's Silver and Steel by Ral Partha is up in the gallery as well!  Please don't look  if you're under 18 or a prude. She's rather...umm...underdressed.

Also a brand new feature! It's called...Bad Brush of the Month!

Jan 26, 2003- The current project., Fenris the Pale, has a new in-progress shot.  You can also see a pic of my workspace there. And there's a spiffy new paintjob on a charming old Ral Partha Gnome in the RPG characters gallery.

Jan 24, 2003-Brian from Knights of the Dinner Table By Kenzer & Co. has been added to the RPG characters gallery.

Jan 22, 2003-My banner-sharing ads have been moved to a "behind" pop-up window.  I'm hoping this will speed the page load and it'll help me resolve some technical issues.  Hopefully it won't bug anybody too much either :)

Jan 19, 2003-Not much of an update this week.  Just a new pic of an old mini the standard bearer in the in the Orcs section. And a new Current project., Fenris the pale

Jan 11, 2003-Just finished my first set of auctions for my own painted minis.  *Sob!* I'll have to give them all a sad goodbye before they go.

A huge number of  new links were added to the links page.

Also added the Warmaster section. There's over 35 new images as a result!

 Updated my FOR SALE  and legal pages with more details. Especially important is the following statement:

Recently individuals have been entering competitions with figures they did not paint and claimed them as their own work.  This is fraud.  And with such a large and well-informed online community these things will come to light.

 If you purchase something from me then you agree not to enter it in any competitions or claim any of my work (conversion/ painting etc.) as anything other than that of Angel Imrie.

Jan 04, 2003-Auctions will be posted on eBay this weekend for the following miniatures: Aenur, Blademaiden, Auger , Dwarf Cleric , Bargirl

Dec 27, is here!  Santa was nice enough to do all those icky phone calls, waiting on hold and doling out cash to get me a domain name for Christmas.  Thanks Santa!

Dec 23, 2002-New images have been posted throughout the site (except for Orcs). There are a number of image updates as well and many new sections! The barmaid, my GT VI entry is also done now!

Dec 14, 2002-Blackmoor will be getting its own domain name soon!....Look for major updates and images.   is coming soon!

Dec 05,2002-The River Trolls are up in Orcs section.  Boris is finally complete... And there's some new current projects up!

Dec 01, 2002-Loads of new images in the Orcs section.

Nov 28, 2002-Added some stone trolls and added some new photos to some RPG characters.

Nov 18, 2002-Added the Restorations section and updated Terrain and RPG Monsters.  Also fixed up some of the graphics to not interfere with the menus.

Nov 05, 2002-Finally got the RPG characters pages in!

Nov 02, 2002-Navigation fixed so more pages were added

Oct 21, 2002-The Undead pages are brought up in time for Halloween

Oct 17, 2002-News, Legal stuff and Links pages added.

Oct 04, 2002-Web site revamped!

Sept 15, 2002- Jeff wins at the Calgary GT with his orcs painted by me.


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