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Alustriel  or Midnight

  11-053  by Ral Partha

25mm scale

rpalustrielmid.jpg (102238 bytes)

  The second last one of a set for six of the Seven Sisters from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.  This one is the actual licensed model from TSR for the forgotten realms character, Midnight.   Midnight had the same style of hairnet worn by Alustriel in numerous art sketches, and Alustriel herself was impossible to find. 

There is the Silverymoon emblem on her dress and some more freehand on the edge. This model has exquisite tiny detail that rivals current figures of much larger scales. Like: The golden hairnet over the silver hair was worse than I had imagined. I'm still having nightmares about it.

Her sisters (so far) are the Simbul, Storm, Qilue and Laeral.

Painted February 2004


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