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River Nymph

from the Silver and Steel 3  Larry Elmore boxed set

#10-313 by Ral Partha 1994

25mm scale

  Honest! I almost painted her a blonde.  The teal hair was just a last minute whim.  At first I thought it looked too odd till I put the stream in.  I made the streambed teal mainly because many mountain streams and lakes are laden with glacial silt, so they appear blue, green or teal in various lights. The skull of some unfortunate who fell to her seductions lies rotting at her feet in the rushing water. This was my first experiment with Woodland Scenics "Water Effects". Also was my first ever "raiding of the spice rack" for leaf debris.  I really like these old Ral Parthas. A repaint of a previously painted miniature

Painted February 2003.


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