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Alaine Female Paladin Ranger

25mm scale

by Reaper Miniatures #2725

reaperpaly1.jpg (105502 bytes)

   Painted as one of a set of the Seven Sisters from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.  All have silvery white hair, and are very beautiful and powerful.  This is an interpretation of Storm Silverhand, ranger/bard of Shadowdale.

There is the Harper symbol on her tabard and some more freehand on the helm and sword crosspiece.  The armor is supposed to be a combination of leather and plate.  I decided to give the leathery plates a greenish hue, Vallejo Model Color Brown Violet, to complement the red browns of her other garments.  It is also neutral enough that it doesn't conflict with the the blue.

I had my doubts about the leather plate armor mix. Especially with the silver hair.   But surprisingly enough, she turned out quite nice.  I like her. :)

Her sisters (so far) are the Simbul, Alustriel, Qilue and Laeral.

Painted January 2004


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