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Tara the Silent & Friend

25mm scale

by Reaper Miniatures #2743 and #2198 (feline)

reapertaracat.jpg (106550 bytes)

  I was inspired by the Mad Max movies on her. The way she is armed and armoured, make her able to fit into almost any genre.  The cat was my newest treasure from my Reaper contest booty.  I had to paint it. So to fit in with the wasteland feel of Tara, it became a mountain lion. So imagine this female "Road Warrior" standing on a desert hilltop, overlooking her hunting ground, with her companion.

The base is a presculpted metal Warlord base from Reaper.  A nice counter-weight for all the stuff on top.  It  originally came with Arnise #14018. It even has a snake sculpted on it.  It is a pity, Reaper doesn't make them anymore.

The rocks are milliput,greenstuff and sand.  The flowers are dried flowers from a craft store.  Painted with a touch of red for an accent.   There is a wee bit of HO RR scale lichen as dried out bushes too (not visible).

I have a real love/hate feeling about her.  I hate the fact she was soo much work, because she is not done in my usual style.  The cat was easy!  I love the way she turned out though.  The cat really sets her off for me.  And the part I hate the most?  She is NOT mine anymore, but gets shipped off elsewhere. *sigh* I'll miss her.

Painted February 2004


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