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Chaos Beastman Warlord

by Games Workshop for Warhammer

28mm scale

gwbeastmnlord1.jpg (112532 bytes)

   A mini I bought on a whim and then painted up for an in-store Game Workshop contest.  He has undergone some more work since then.  More freehand and rust was added to the weapon.  Also some lighter highlights on the skin.   He managed to win incompleted, and now appears as you see above.

   This model has a nice pose and sculpt.  But in some places the chainmail got a little wonky, and the casting on the rear portion of the tunic was very rough.  The axe is a   good one to practice doing rust on.  I like the way the engraving on the axe turned out.  It's not perfect, but getting neater with more experience.

  The new look of the Beastmen from GW is very cool IMHO..

Painted November 2003

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