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Archaon  (limited edition)

by Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles

28mm scale


Here's another for those that say I don't paint with metallics. :p

 The model has been painted to a high tabletop standard.

   Archaon on foot towers above standard GW Chaos troops at about 40mm from his booted feet to the dome of his metal helm.  (No doubt due to a growth hormone fed to chaos lords upon their acceptance into the demonic legions. ;)

 The figure has been painted using Privateer P3, Citadel and Vallejo acrylic paints and has been clear coated for protection.   The base is a standard 25mm plastic base. Archaon stands atop rock with piles of his many victims' skulls around his feet.

 Archaon has been painted in weathered looking traditional metallics.   Hand painted details upon his flowing cloak incorporating the holes and tatters with haunting faces. This would look stunning on any games table as an evil RPG character or at the head of a conquering army.


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