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Chaos Sorcerer

020815 by Games Workshop for Warhammer

28mm scale

gwcskornchampold1.jpg (85547 bytes)

Another vintage Chaos piece.  This one was really tough to figure out a scheme for.  The mask looked fetishy, so I decided he was perhaps associated with Slaanesh.

 The tabard of the model was so badly scraped, it needed major fine filing to get it smooth.  I have no idea if there was a design on it originally or not..  There are some weird little holes on the tabard that needed to be disguised, so a gold filigree pattern was designed around them and the Slaanesh symbol.

  The stars on the robe were a last minute idea.  I had the robe going from red to blue, but not much else.  So I thought a star filled sky would look neat, especially versus the intricate filigree on the tabard.  The big nova-like star on his shoulders is a star burst version of the eight pointed chaos star

  The base was sculpted to be eerie faces, mouths and other orifices. Pushing him up as he summons his power.

Painted January 2004

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