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Wood Elf Spellsinger on Unicorn

by Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles

28mm scale


Bronze winning entry in the 2006 Canadian Golden Demons.

The way I envisioned the model and the way this one actually turned out are widely different.  The conversion of course is lacking to my mind and some of the painting could be definitely better.  The individual hair pattern on the unicorn is rather lost and the singer's hair is still and unyielding in appearance.  I am proud the way the entire base and the spear turned out.  And the overall feel works nicely with the whole Glamourweave kindred fluff that she is supposed to represent.

I did receive some teasing at Gamesday about the fact that only a girl would enter a female elf on a unicorn, with flowers everywhere and cutesy critters, including butterflies around her.

This model has already been broken twice during Warhammer games before I had time to take the photos.  She had a brief but glorious period on the games table battlefield, but may be retired in favor of a less delicate and less expensive points-wise character.

Painted 2006


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