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Black Orc Warlord Grimgor Ironhide

99060209121 by Games Workshop for Warhammer

28mm scale

gworkgrimgor.jpg (125682 bytes)

Another Orc Boss for my husband's eternally expanding green horde.

A project that got started well over a year ago.  But never got much further than the basecoat phase.  It's been so long since I used metallics.  I figured that this would be  good one to practice on.   He was originally started in NMM.   But I dislike the figure for some unknown reason so it never got finished until this year.   Funny, because I love my other Black Orc.  And it's almost the same sculpt! :p

I was pleasantly surprised how well he turned out, despite my inexperience with metallic paints.   I use the same highlighting principles as NMM, but only with metallics. Still like the much finer control of NMM better though.  :)

Painted March 2004

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