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Anghela, Dwarf princess

#HFD004 by Hasslefree miniatures

28mm scale


 It would be rather true to mention that I am incredibly biased towards this miniature.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love playing dwarves in RPGs and generally regard them as the best demi-human race to play.  And to make the bias worse too, she is apparently named after me!  How cool is that!?

When I got her , she was the first dwarf I had ever seen without weapons or armor.  Combined with the fact she is in a rather regal pose threw me into a complete state of confusion about her coloration. After consulting a number of associates online, I settled for a blue-green dress.  This was all quite well until I decided to try a Micron Pigma pen to do some freehand design on the hem.  Big mistake!  Pens are not my friend at all.  And then I totally messed up on the face and tiara too!  This is one figure I *will* redo in the future.  When I can actually think up a new color-scheme that is. :p

She is mounted on a 25mm round base painted to appear as stone floor, and is one of the smallest of the Hasslefree dwarves.

Painted 2004


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