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Victoria, Daemonette and Pet

#HFX002 by Hasslefree miniatures
limited edition 28mm scale


naughty, dangly male parts!   some of the following images are not for those easily offended, or under the age of 18!



hfvicky1coll.jpg (129132 bytes)


A very naughty mini that was a joy to paint.  Some of the bits are a rather...errr..distracting.  But it's nice to see a woman in charge. ;)

It seemed only natural that she should have red skin.  But I wanted to back away from that.   I liked the idea of a Conan type finally being caught by one of the many voluptuous ladies he encounters.

Vicky's skin was originally white Anglo-Saxon.  I darkened it to make it contrast with that of the barbarian sex-pet she is sitting on.  She also is covered in henna tattoos and her horns are a more natural bone color with black tips.  Her hair is a bright red to still give a demonic feel.  It also doesn't appear wholly natural versus her dark skin, enhancing that feeling in my mind.

I truly loved the super clean lines and proportions on this miniature.  It was a pleasure to paint.

Painted March 2004


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