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Naughty Mounted Daemonette

Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop

28mm scale

naughty, female and  male parts!   some of the following images are not for those easily offended, or under the age of 18!



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Front Rear1 Side


    This was my entry for the fourth Chick Challenge or CCIV.  It's a conversion painted to a high gaming quality standard.  Not a CCIV winner, but a figure that garnered some attention anyways. ;)

    The base is a variety of female bits from Ral Partha and Rackham, with some nice groping GW zombie hands pawing at the female bits.  Also some Woodland Scenics grass, flock and some dried flowers for vegetation

    I have a definite like for the Slaanesh Chaos models and these particular ones are some of the best in the line.  The idea of these pleasure demons riding these sleek serpentine mounts was really interesting.  One can imagine by the bone structure that that mounts probably have a loping smooth gait much like that of an ostrich.

    So then I start thinking, why have this awesome critter to ride without having even *more* fun. Then the idea of the erect phallic spines came to mind.  Besides, it helps the daemonette hang on better.  The head attached to the tail with the tongue licking out is also a chaos bit added on for extra naughtiness.  All the bits on the actual figure are either greenstuff or GW including the Dark Eldar whip.

    Sure it's naughty and twisted, but all meant in good fun. :)

 Painted October 2003


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