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UltraMarines Terminator Librarian

by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40k

28mm scale


    Silver winning entry in the 2006 Canadian Golden Demons.
    This is the more battle-scarred twin brother of the Chaplain.  The overall style was pulled from the ornate Space Marine armors and rich backgrounds shown in the various Space Marine related books, especially the Insignium Astartes.

    For me this was a fairly ambitious conversion;  The main figure is a close combat plastic terminator.  These are very easy to chop up and reposition for conversion and added details.  Other bits come from the Forgeworld line, Battle for McCragge, Tigurius, Inquistor, Grey Knights, etc. and of course....some greenstuff!

    Problems with him related to my (lack of) sculpting ability, the sheer simplicity of the GW plastic terminator models, and the expected but much maligned blue-bleed of the paint.  He was supposed to have soo many more details such as a censer, chains, books and other  paraphernalia but I ran out of time..  Those details will have to make a later appearance with his converted familiar on a separate base. :/

   The smooth armor, robes and base style concentrated on allowing more freehand.   I knew beforehand that he would be up against the amazing French contingent that visited Toronto this year, so he had to have LOTS of little doodles to even try and place.  In the end maybe too too much.

Does the librarian have too much bling?

Well the size of the sword shows he is certainly compensating for something. :p


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