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Gilgalad, GD silver winner
Goldberry, GD silver winner
Radagast, GD silver wnr
Elrond GD Gold winner
Rohan Infantry
Riders of Rohan
Elrond (in metallics)
Tom Bombadil



Tom Bombadil

Lord of the Rings by Games Workshop

25mm scale

Placed first in LOTR single in the Warpstone Painting Competition at Conflict Calgary 2005.  GW website coverage

I wanted to do a version of Tom that was gaming quality, but nice enough to be shown off. The colours used are completely loyal to Tolkien's text yet were kept muted enough to make him a bit more believable.  I wanted him to fit in well with the recent film's atmosphere.

He stands at a rivers edge here, awaiting his Goldberry, who will be completed at a later date. :p

Painted March 2005

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