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Sophie from Reaper Miniatures, painted by Angela Imrie

Blackmoor -a miniature experience.

A.Imrie is also known as SaxonAngel on

News - updated July 13th, 2010

I have posted a number of auctions on eBay.

including the Adiken Shania

and most importantly the very rare Victoria and her Pet from Hasslefree

  December 06, 2007 Ooooo.  I really like this update.  It has got a bunch of models from the unfinished heap.  Yup, the heap is getting smaller and smaller by the week.  I'm down to pretty much just army models to be done and a few odds and ends.  I've been slogging away at it for a year and it has been reduced by 2/3rds.  Soon I'll even be able to put a coffee cup down amongst my junk. Huzzah!

   Plus I have put up a few dozen models on my For Sale page.  Even a couple from today's update are on there too.  There are some great deals to be had amongst the many, many  items.  My house is full and it needs clearing out.  Heck! I'm even selling my car! LOL!

   So, miniatures. That's what we here for.  Some are full of fun and some are just outright gorgeous figures.

Games Workshop:
Eltharion - my redux version of the High Elf Hero from Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Vintage Chaos  Warrior - a chunk of lead with a ton of character from Dungeonquest.

Ral Partha for TSR:
Kitiara Dragon Highlord  - my favorite female character from Dragonlance. A great and collectable OOP classic!

What would my world be like without Hasslefree models. Don't even think about it!
As always, more funny and beautiful sculpts from the ever-talented Kev White:
Alice & the White Rabbit - a twisted girl with a number of twists. Wonderland beware!
Hasslefree's Mad Dog - what's worse than living in a world infested with zombies? Losing your pants to them.

Manufactured by Crunch Waffle:
Crossbow Sniper - A different turn, on an old idea, a nice Goumon sculpt too.

From Reaper:
Myconid - a nifty glowing take on Reaper miniatures' classic Mushroom man

Again, don't forget to check out the models on the for sale page!


November 09, 2007   Another ebay auction on the block
Up for sale is  the Limited Edition Archaon on foot.   Auction ends in four days!

A website update is in works.  Check back in a few days and there'll be a batch of Hasslefree, Reaper monsters, GW and more!

September 09, 2007 -  Just a quick auction update!
On ebay  this time around is the Bretonnian Damsel.  Auction ends in only a few days!

August 28, 2007 - So here I was complaining about how awful my camera is and how terrible my photos are, when all I really needed was a new monitor for my old computer!  I had almost given up on the site because of the old beast, and now I can see clearly now (singing).  Sooo, my apologies for the decline in updates and the degradation of my photography.  Hopefully the miniature photos will look a bit better now too.  Plus I got one of those funky new flat panel screens.  Neato!  The old 60lb tube monitor has been sent to its doom at the local electronics recycling facility. Woohoo!  So let's celebrate by trying to catch up!

From the fine folks at Hasslefree:
Beach Babe Libby! - Not nude, but man... is that bikini teeny tiny!
Acenith - another naked girl.  But she's soooo lovely!  *warning* some naughty bits, not for the offendable or kids!

From Games Workshop we have:
Emperor's Champion - This one will be for sale up on eBay later!
Archaon on foot Limited Edition - A tattered, rusty and downright mean version of the 2004 Gamesday model.  Will also be offered for sale later!
Bretonnian Damsel - or Sorceress.  A sweet little lady for the brave bold knight.  Will be up on eBay as soon as possible (a week or two).
Wood Elf Treeman - a quickie for the games table
A small selection of Wood Elf Wardancers for my games table that made first cut at Chicago Gamesday.  Not bad for army quality stuff!
Wardancer Lord, Wardancer Musician, and Wardancer Leader.

Oh... But you are one those people waiting for the big kahuna, are you?
Y'know, that Rogal Dorn  Imperial Fists Primarch guy I did along with the extremely talented crew from Team North America for the 2007 Chicago Golden Demon?  I

If you like, I do have pictures of him naked, I mean unpainted. :P  It ain't pretty, but at least you can see how much of him was scratchbuilt/sculpted.  Check out the raw version of Rogal Dorn along with a brief write-up on my experience with the Primarch Project.

Also added a quick peek of Arwen on my current projects page.


February 9, 2007 - Another update! and less than a month since the previous .  Woohoo!  This may be an exciting new trend.

Major Kali - a fun sci fi figure from whichever company happens to be  manufacturing the Void models this week.
Gil-Galad - Silver winner in Games Workshop's 2006 Canadian Golden Demons Lord of the Rings single miniature category.
Freebooter 2005 Limited Edition Christmas mini - just in time for...ermmm.. the end of the holidays. :p
2004 Limited Edition Elmore Amazon - the first Darksword miniature to be posted on my site!
Succubus - a  naughty little lady from Reaper fondling her assets.  Warning, *naughty bits!! not for the easily offendable or kids!*  Might be up for sale at a later date
Arianna Fairy Princess - Wingless and done in a winter theme.  Also available on the for sale page.
Frost Giant - he isn't blue but still lives in the snow.  An old lead from Ral Partha.

Thinking about selling:
My display cabinets are bursting and so I am mulling about selling some figures.  My Hasslefree and Ral Partha collections of scantily clad ladies is out of control. Most are nude or semi-nude so I can't list them appropriately on eBay.  If there are figures you might be interested in, please drop me an offer through the email link on the for sale page.


I have been super busy for awhiles and may be getting busier.  This is due to my newest little mini.  Say hello to baby Aurora, my daughter that was born in May 2005.



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